Management Advisory

Strategy and Target Operating Model

Expertise, experience and general business know how is what is needed to support executives looking to create effective business models.  We offer a cadre of professionals who are former Big Four Consultancy partners, ready and qualified  to support your business at whatever stage it may be.

Operational effectiveness

Contact us to work through streamlining, expanding or replanning your operation.  We will work with you on supply chain challenges, organisation design, business process re engineering, turnaround plans and business restructuring.

Executive Coaching

Building high performing organisations, is not done simply through the clever use of spreadsheets and key performance indicators.  Business are run by people and people need training in technical and soft skills.  You can rely on ST2 to provide coaching that will get your Senior management teams motivated to succeed and trained with skills to make the best decisions for the business.


What should you measure?  How should you measure it?  What is an appropriate target to set?  We are here to help.

Getting to Yes

Commercial negotiations are carefully planned and executed.  Negotiations between legal teams are painstaking.  Let ST2 manage your legal negotiations, outsourcing and Service Provider negotiations.

Full Service Management Consultancy

Web sites never do justice to our breadth and depth of service, ask the question....let's start working with your organisation today.