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ST2 Technology partners with Trudera to hit back at the hackers and protect consumers from fraud New software aims to restore consumer trust by eliminating phishing attempts and verifying genuine companies.    ST2 Technology,  has  partnered with innovative cybersecurity company Trudera to launch new  anti-phishing and fraud technology, 

GoVerify. With phishing attempts and  fraud on the rise, the technology has been designed to restore trust  between customers and their service providers, while simultaneously  preventing fraudsters from obtaining personal and sensitive data.   Where  many solutions focus on verifying individuals to companies, GoVerify  puts control back in the hands of consumers. The technology enables  consumers to authenticate the companies and government organisations  that are contacting them by verifying calls, emails, SMS/texts, letters,  invoices and physical goods are genuine, without giving away any  personal information. The technology also benefits enterprises by  enabling a trusted communication channel to their existing and new  customers in order increase engagement and increase sales opportunities.    

The verification method ensures that no personal or  sensitive data is disclosed as organisations generate and provide each  customer with a unique TrustTag. Then, when individuals are contacted by  a company, they simply input their unique TrustTag along with a key  identifiable piece of information. This enables GoVerify to validate  that the organisation is indeed genuine, and not a malicious person  trying to steal personal data or commit fraud.  In  partnership with Trudera, ST2 Technology will take GoVerify to market by  providing the consultation and implementation capabilities to integrate  GoVerify with client or cloud-based environments.  

Colin  Paterson, Co-Founder and CTO at Trudera, commented: “Social engineering  techniques, such as phishing, are rising exponentially and we see an  inordinate number of instances where individuals receive fraudulent  correspondence, usually asking for personal information. As a result,  consumers are finding it harder and harder to trust who is contacting  them. The cost of this is two-fold: not only is consumer confidence in  their service providers diminishing, but there is also a financial  implication, with companies spending millions trying to understand and  know the security state of their organisation. The most worrying part of  this scenario is that the fraudsters are winning.  “This  is precisely why we’re fighting back by providing a new way for  consumers to verify that the phone calls, emails, texts and letters they  receive are from genuine organisations. We’re confident that this  software will enable organisations to restore trust and confidence every  time they want to contact their customers. At the same time, we want to  stop consumer data falling into the hands of hackers by encouraging  individuals to be more diligent by verify suspicious correspondence,”  Colin added. 

 Anne Stokes, CEO of ST2 Technology said:  “GoVerify is a compelling solution that puts control back in the hands  of the individual. This solution is extremely timely, especially when  you consider that it’s near impossible to find someone who hasn’t  received an email, call or SMS from a fraudster impersonating a company  for malicious gain. We’re truly excited about this partnership and we’re  encouraging organisations and individuals to adopt this technology and  prevent fraudsters succeeding in their efforts.”  

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