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The GDPR is a regulation that all businesses will need to manage. It is in effect a data privacy driven transformation. We offer Consultancy led service products to meet our clients demand.

Learn how to leverage your organisation’s current data policies to support GDPR compliance, and make sure that you’re prepared for when it is launched in May 2018.  

GDPR – 2018’s Elephant in the Room

ST2 Technology explains how GDPR has become 2018’s elephant in the room. It is now time that all sectors of industry, start to think less about avoidance and more about compliance. Download this White Paper to hear about the issues he considers companies will be facing, and the 5 steps that will address these challenges!

GDPR in a Nutshell

The General Data Protection Regulation will enter force in May 2018, and will enforce a single law on data protection across the EU. GDPR will have a significant impact on organisations in Europe as well as any organisation that holds data on Europeans. In this White Paper, we explain GDPR in a nutshell from the individual rights of the customer, to the impact it will have. He also offers a number of recommendations to help organisations start preparing for May 2018.

GDPR Consultancy Services

ST2 has created a comprehensive portfolio of service to support organisations through their journey to compliance. Organisations can take as much or as little support as they require from an assessment and compliance audit, through to a fully managed compliance programme.

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